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Tom cococha Cold 26c


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Tom Cococha c26 natural coal reach the standard we are used to from Tom. In comparison with the Tom Cococha Gold, these natural coal are even hotter: due to the large surface, these coconut charcoal burn more gradually than ever. The minimum waste is special for all varieties of Tom Cococha: the material of compressed coconut husks leaves virtually no ash behind and is therefore easily cleaned up.

The C26 natural cabbages are twice as large in surface area & #8211; compared to Tom Cococha yellow & #8211; but practically disappear while smoking. No more hassle with remaining ash; Smoke twice as long and more than twice as fast with the C26 coal.

The art of coal; Tom Cococha

Tom Cococha has brought different variations on the market: Tom Cococha Green, -Blue, -Yellow, -Gold and now also the C26. Different in name, but with a single characteristic in common: quality. Natural cabbages have been innovated time and time again, but the coconut husk cabbages from Tom Cococha are timeless. For years at the top; you can taste that.


  • 2.6 cubic centimeters (per item)
  • Pack of 12 kilos
  • 750 charcoal for dozens of sessions
  • Compressed coconut husks

This product contains shisha charcoal from 100% natural material. The result is a longer burning time, less harmful substances and sustainable residues.

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  • Always the lowest price
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