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TAORI Gold Charcoal 20 kg


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Do you want odor-free and tasteless water pipe coal of top quality? 

Then take these coal from TAORI, the TAORI Gold natural coal!

ALWAHA Gold natural coal

These are the best-selling natural coal. Due to the very hard pressing she guarantees long water pipe sessions. Completely free from odors and flavors!

Economical, environmentally friendly and sustainable

The TAORI natural hookah cabbages are produced in Indonesia. The ingredients come from coconut, which consists of 100% from natural, renewable raw materials. That is why it is very environmentally friendly. The TAORI natural coal is very economical to use and also has a long glow time. TAORI natural coal burns almost without leaving traces. The remaining axle is only 2% of the weight of the product & #8211; 80% less than normal!

Quantity: 3 pounds

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  • Always the lowest price
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