Moonshine Honey Melon Freeze


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    Paradise Steam Stones Moonshine Honey Melon Freeze is a shisha flavour for hookah enthusiasts who want to experience something new and refreshing. These steam stones are made from natural minerals and infused with flavoring agents, creating a unique smoking experience that is healthier than traditional hookah tobacco.

    Product Features:

    – Made from natural minerals, free from tobacco and nicotine.

    – Infused with Honey Melon Freeze flavor, which is refreshing and sweet.

    – Produces thick and flavorful smoke clouds.

    – Easy to use, simply place the stones in the hookah bowl and enjoy.

    – Long-lasting and can be reused multiple times.

    – Healthier alternative to traditional hookah tobacco, with no harmful chemicals or additives.

    – Can be mixed with other flavors for a personalized smoking experience.

    – Comes in a resealable pack for easy storage and portability.

    – Moonshine flavor is perfect for those who want to try a fruity and refreshing flavor.

    – Suitable for both beginners and experienced hookah smokers.

    The United Kingdom brand Paradise steam stones wants to offer you a wonderfully relaxed smoking session that takes you to the most beautiful places on earth. Let your session also be a paradise on earth, and order a container of 120 grams.

    Honey Melon Freeze:

    Mountains in the moonlight Imagine you are in the mountains. In the evening it cools down, but thanks to the full moon you have an enchanting view of the mountain peaks around you. Wow do you think, while you take a nice hit of this Moonshine flavor.


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