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AMY Deluxe 4-Stars 640 – Black / Blue


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AMY Deluxe 4-Stars 640 Black Blue

AMY practical water pipe & #8211; black / blue

The AMY Deluxe 4-Stars 640 Black Blue is a budget model with an elegant and functional design. Despite being one budget model is, the water pipe smokes very fine and does not lag behind the smoking quality of the more expensive models. The water pipe is made of high-quality stainless material, including steel, glass and silicone. Right away height of approx. 70 cm It is convenient to the water pipe on the floor to use without it looking small. The well-chosen diameters of the axle plate, ports and valve ensure a pleasant and smooth water pipe smoking session.

Marked on the 4-Stars 640

In this water pipe model, the smoke column is firmly connected to the ash plate. For this a screw system used with the highest level of sealing. The water pipe hose is made of flexible silicone at the front easy cleaning and easy storage. A snake that is practically undeformed and will last for many years. The mouthpiece is not collapsible, feels comfortable in the hand and, like the connector, is made of anodized aluminum. The thickness of the walls provides a rapid smoke cooling . A heavy solid vase of shatterproof glass is slim in shape, but offers maximum stability. In appearance it seems 4-star water pipe much on it AMY Deluxe 630 Glorious fashion model.

This AMY Deluxe 4-Stars 640 contains a:

  • Slim, sturdy water pipe vase
  • Smoke column made of brass
  • Screw system with three chambers
  • Silicone hose
  • Aluminum mouthpiece
  • Hot Screen
  • Tobacco cup
  • Sealing set
  • Coal tongs

Note: This water pipe is made by hand. The glass design can therefore be slightly different from the shisha shown on the image.

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