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    Three Kings shisha charcoal tablets are the perfect addition to any hookah setup. These high-quality coal tablets are 40mm in size, providing a long-lasting burn time and consistent heat for a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

    Three Kings shisha charcoal tablets Features:

    – Premium quality shisha charcoal tablets.

    – 40mm size for longer burn time and consistent heat.

    – Easy to light and quick to heat up.

    – Odorless and tasteless, ensuring the purest smoking experience.

    – Suitable for use with all types of shisha.

    – Ideal for both personal and commercial use.

    – Packaged in a convenient and easy-to-store box.

    – Made from natural materials.

    – Environmentally friendly and sustainable.

    – Safe and non-toxic for worry-free use.


    What is the use of shisha charcoal:

    Shisha charcoal is used as a heat source for smoking shisha, which is also known as hookah or water pipe. Shisha charcoal is usually made from compressed coconut shells, wood, or bamboo, and it is designed to burn slowly and evenly, releasing heat and smoke that is used to heat up the flavored tobacco in the shisha bowl. The use of shisha charcoal is an essential part of the shisha smoking experience, as it provides the necessary heat to produce the smoke that is inhaled by the smoker. However, it is important to use high-quality shisha charcoal that does not contain harmful chemicals or impurities, as these can pose health risks to the smoker.


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