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OBLAKO PHUNNEL bowl size M (medium), of Russian origin, is a bowl with an innovative design and a perfect finish, where we notice how much effort they have taken to elaborate in detail.

Everything is made of white clay and available in different colors with or without enamel coating.

The phunnel hole is crater-shaped to prevent molasses from falling into the hole.

Since it is made of white clay, we notice that in the smoke there is a noticeable increase in the intensity of the taste.

The performance of this bowl is unique, it will provide us with large clouds of smoke and an intense taste.

It is a very versatile bowl, we can place different types of heat managers, such as grill or Provost, among others.

At the time of preparation we have several options, we can do it to taste, it yields with 16 grams perfectly.


Diameter: about 7.5 cm
Height: about 12 cm
Depth: about 1.3 cm
Volume: about 20-22g
Consumption: 12-14 gr.

Note: Because it is made by hand, you may notice variations in dimensions and appearance.


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