Hygiene Mouthpiece – large (100 pieces)


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    Introducing the Hygiene Mouthpiece Pack – Large (100 pieces), designed to provide a safe and clean shisha smoking experience for you and your guests. Maintain excellent hygiene standards during your shisha sessions with these disposable mouthpieces, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable smoke every time.

    Key Features:

    1. Hygienic and Disposable: Each mouthpiece is disposable, promoting hygiene and preventing the spread of germs or illnesses. Provide a fresh mouthpiece for every user, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
    2. Large Pack Size: This pack includes 100 individual mouthpieces, making it ideal for gatherings, parties, hookah lounges, or events where multiple users will be sharing the shisha. Ensure you have an ample supply to cater to your guests.
    3. Universal Fit: The mouthpieces are designed with a universal fit to accommodate a wide range of shisha hoses. They easily attach to the hose, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for each user.
    4. Easy to Use: These mouthpieces are user-friendly and easy to put on and take off. Simply slide the mouthpiece onto the hose and dispose of it after use, providing a hassle-free and convenient solution.
    5. Quality Material: Constructed from safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials, these mouthpieces are durable and reliable. They’re designed to withstand the heat of the shisha session without affecting the taste or quality of the smoke.
    6. Dimensions:

    • Length: 6 cm
    • Diameter (thin end): approximately 7 mm
    • Diameter (thick end): approximately 11 mm

    Ensure a clean and enjoyable shisha experience for yourself and your guests with the Hygiene Mouthpiece Pack – Large. Prioritize hygiene and convenience with these disposable mouthpieces. Stock up on this large pack to accommodate your gatherings and events, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in every shisha session. Grab your pack of 100 Hygiene Mouthpieces today and elevate your shisha experience.


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