DIAMONDS Vapor Crystals – Loqour (Belgian waffle)


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    DIAMONDS Vapor Crystals Loqour (Belgian waffle) 250g is a unique and delicious way to add flavor to your vaping experience. These crystals are infused with the sweet and savory taste of Belgian waffles, making every puff a delightful treat.

    Product Features:

    – Made with high-quality ingredients for a premium vaping experience.

    – Infused with the flavor of Belgian waffles, providing a unique and delicious taste.

    – Comes in a 250g jar, providing plenty of crystals for multiple uses.

    – Easy to use; simply add the crystals to your vaporizer and enjoy.

    – Provides a smooth and flavorful vaping experience.

    – Perfect for those who love sweet and savory flavors.

    – Can be combined with other flavors for a customized vaping experience.

    – Made with care and precision for the ultimate taste and quality.

    -The nicotine and tar free vapor crystals of Diamonds Shisha provide an ultimate taste and smoking experience while smoking. And that without nicotine or tar!

    – 250 grams of vapor crystals (about 10 cups)

    Order your DIAMONDS Vapor Crystals – Loqour (Belgian waffle) today and experience the ultimate vaping indulgence.


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