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Amy Stone vapor stones – Strawberry (strawberry)


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Do you want a nicotine-free and tar-free alternative to water pipe (fruit) tobacco?
Then try the AMY Stones vapor stone Cherry & Strawberry from AMY Deluxe!

Taste: Cherry & Strawberry (cherry & strawberry)
These AMY Stone cherry and strawberry flavored vapor stones are the perfect fruit combination for the water pipe lovers who dare to indulge in sweet softness. The beautiful sweetness of cherries and freshness of strawberries compliment each other like milk and honey. The flavors in the vapor stones have been specially developed and selected to create the most natural taste possible when smoking hookah. The fruity aromas and release in the hookah session take you to an exotic paradise where you don’t want to leave! The taste of cherry tingles on your tongue, followed by a silky tingling of strawberries and full clouds of smoke that relieve you from all the hectic and chaos in everyday life. Pure pleasure.
Content: 125 grams
AMY Stones 
With these cherry and strawberry vapor stones (steam stones / steam stones) from its own products, AMY Deluxe offers a nicotine and tar-free alternative to the traditional hookah tobacco. Thanks to our own production, we maintain the exclusive quality. Our AMY Stones come in four different sizes and many different flavors. Like all AMY Deluxe hookah tobaccos, these vapor stones also provide an intense taste and smoke development.
What are vapor stones?
Steam stones are small mineral grains that absorb liquids well. These stones are an excellent alternative to aromatic pleasure without the addition of nicotine or tar. When you heat the vapor stones, all flavors & flavors (liquid) are released. This liquid is gradually converted into vapor. Because vapor is released instead of tobacco smoke, aromas & flavors cannot burn either.
AMY Stones taste
These hookah stones from AMY Deluxe come in many delicious hookah (fruit) flavors.
Try a new flavor for every water pipe session and see which one suits you best!
  • Apple (intense sour apple)
  • Blue Banana (blue banana)
  • Blue Guava (blue guava)
  • Blue Melon (blue melon)
  • Blue mint (blue mint)
  • Blueberry mix (blueberry mix)
  • Cherry & Strawberry (cherry & strawberry)
  • Double Apple
  • Grape & Mint (grape & mint)
  • Kiwi
  • Lemon & Mint (lime & mint)
  • Margarita & Strawberry (margarita & strawberry)
  • Melon (melon)
  • Mix Berry (berry mix: strawberry, blackberry, cherry, raspberry)
  • Nem Nem (orange & peach)
  • NW Rain (mint, lemon & honey)
  • Orange (orange)
  • Pink (sweet mix)
  • Serene (orange & lemon)
  • Spearmint (peppermint chewing gum)
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