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AMY Silicone Hose (Dust free)





Have you bought an AMY Deluxe water pipe and do you want an extra hose?
Then get this loose dust-free Silicone Water Pipe Hose, available in different colors to make your water pipe set even more complete!
High-quality silicone snake
This shisha hose is made of good quality silicone that is easily flexible, so that the smoke can pass through the hose very smoothly. Because it is made of silicone, you can easily wash the hose yourself. This is especially useful if you want to try several flavors during a session. The silicone also ensures that the hose does not absorb any smoke taste. The great thing is that you do not only have to use this hose for the AMY Deluxe shisha & #8217; s, but you can also combine it with all other water pipe brands.
1 silicone hose
Hose: silicone
Length: 1.5 m
Diameter outside: 1.7 cm
Diameter inside: 1.2 cm
Colors available:
  • black
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