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Amy Gear S SS24.02




With the new AMY Carbonica Gear S, fans of a well-maintained motor sport get their money’s worth. This lightweight shisha is characterized by carbon elements and a spring spring in the smoke column.

A stand integrated in the glass provides full grip. The result is that the shisha makes an excellent figure in any workshop.

The detachable diffuser provides a significant noise reduction when smoking. (Real motorsport freaks smoke “openly”)

The scope of delivery of the Carbonica Gear S includes:

Stone tobacco cup + hot screen
Stainless steel ball joint hose adapter
4 connections
Closed chamber system
Silicone hose + aluminum mouthpiece
unscrewable diffuser
Closed chamber system: The closed chamber system offers two advantages. First, stale / scratchy smoke can be blown out of the glass. The smoke can be easily blown out through the flow channels, which point directly downwards. With conventional water pipes this requires considerably more effort – the smoke remains in the glass!

A closed chamber system also improves overall smoking behavior. Smoking behavior depends on a number of different factors, eg B. Inner diameter of the connections, air volume of the shisha etc. In contrast to a conventional shisha, the closed system offers a smaller air volume. This improves the hookah pack, which makes pulling easier.

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  • Always the lowest price
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