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AMY Galactic Steel S 1200




The Galactic Steel S (Item No. Amy-1200) impresses with its otherworldly design. The imaginative coloring of the acrylic smoke column takes you on a journey through the mists of the Milky Way. The design is completed by the timeless elegance of the stainless steel in combination with a perfectly formed, characteristic vase. Bring the colors of the Galaxy into your living room with the Amy Deluxe Galactic Steel S!

The scope of delivery of the AMY 1200:

Stone head with Hotscreen
Smoke column made of stainless steel with an acrylic coating
Glass vase
Click system
1 connection
Closed room system
Silicone hose with aluminum nozzle
Coal plate, Coal tongs
detachable diffuser (provides a significant noise reduction when smoking)
Closed room system: The closed room system offers two advantages. On the one hand, stale / scratchy smoke can be expelled from the glass with a blow. The smoke can easily be blown out through the flow channels, which point directly downwards. With conventional bongs this requires considerably more effort – the smoke stays in the glass!

In addition, a closed chamber system improves overall smoking behaviour. Smoking behavior depends on a number of different factors eg B. Inside diameter of the connections, air volume of the water pipe etc. Unlike a conventional water pipe, the closed system provides a smaller air volume. This improves the suit of the bong, making it easier to hoist.

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  • Always the lowest price
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