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AMY Deluxe UFO Set Silicone tobacco cup + Smokebox

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Do you want more quality with your water pipe session? 
Then make sure that you can regulate the heat of the shisha cabbages with the AMY Deluxe UFO Set. The taste of the tobacco depends, among other things, on the temperature of the coals. Do you want to be able to regulate the heat and get tastier tobacco? Then go for the AMY Deluxe smoke box, an excellent alternative to the charcoal plate or aluminum foil.
The AMY Deluxe UFO Set.
This set offers comfortable heat management and easy operation.
  • Extra high tobacco cup
  • Smoke box with two silicone coating handles
You only need 2-3 coals for long-term smoking pleasure. With the adjustable ventilation openings you can perfectly keep track of the heat supply. The silicone tobacco cup consists of heat-resistant silicone.
Perfect heat regulation
With the lid you can regulate the heat. This way you can easily open and close the lid if you want to give more or less air to the coal. The lid also ensures that the water pipe burns coal even better. The combination of the Smokebox with fully adjustable holes and silicone phunnel tobacco cup makes the use of aluminum foil superfluous.
How do you use it?
You use this box on top of the silicone tobacco cup. Place the heated shisha cabbages in the Smokebox.
  • Silicone tobacco cup with 1 hole
  • Smoke Box with adjustable holes
  • Tobacco head: silicone
  • Smoke box: metal with a chrome coating


  • Height (incl. Smoke box): 16 cm
  • Diameter: approx. 7 cm
  • Depth smoke box: 2 cm
Do you have a question about this flashy silicone set with smokebox for your water pipe? Set that here.
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