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AMY Deluxe Cleaning Brush Smoke Column




Do you want to enjoy your water pipe as well as possible?
Then make sure you properly maintain your own water pipe by cleaning it regularly. It is a requirement for a longer lifespan of every shisha. Clean the entire shisha and remove all leftovers. The advice is to clean your shisha after three turns. If you use several flavors per session, we recommend cleaning the water pipe after each session.
AMY Deluxe cleaning brush
With this cleaning brush from the German top brand AMY Deluxe you can clean the smoke column of your water pipe. The narrow construction makes it easy to get into the narrowest spaces. Ideal for every smoke column!
Length: 66 cm
Width: 19 cm
Height: 19 cm
& #8211; 1 cleaning brush for the smoke column
Colors available:
This brush is only available in the color green / black.
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  • Always the lowest price
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