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AMY Deluxe Mouthpiece Holder – Black




Do you want to smoke your hookah with more hygiene, care and ease? 
Then use a mouthpiece holder. This way your mouthpiece and water pipe hose will no longer swing around and you will be sure that fewer bacteria will get onto your mouthpiece. You can also transport your shisha with greater ease.
AMY Deluxe mouthpiece holder
The AMY Deluxe nozzle openings are covered with rubber so that the nozzles do not slip. There are three openings in the nozzle holder, so that all known nozzles fit into it.
How do you attach the mouthpiece holder?
The AMY Deluxe mouthpiece holder is mounted under the ashtray.
Height: 2.4 cm
Diameter: 7 cm
& #8211; 1 mouthpiece holder
Colors available:
Do you want the same mouthpiece holder in a different color? The holder is also available in the color silver.
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  • Always the lowest price
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