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AMY Deluxe Imperium 055 – Black


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Large model with traditional shapes

AMY Deluxe Imperium 055 is one of the new, luxury models of AMY Deluxe. The quality of this German manufacturer is sublime. The brand is also seen in other countries such as the Netherlands, France and Russia as the best brand for powerful water pipes with modern techniques. With a length of 80 cm (incl. Hot screen) and a weight of 5.0 kg, this shisha is one of the large models from the AMY line of stainless steel water pipes. The Imperium model is long and slender, in which the traditional forms can be seen in both the water pipe rod and the rather small vase.
At the center: multi-room system
What makes this shisha unique in comparison with other shisha brands is the special patented multi-chamber system. There are four rooms in the vase, the so-called & #8220; flow channels & #8221;, through which smoke travels. The smoke must, as it were, make a fixed route through the vase, as a result of which it cannot collect and accumulate there. This unique multi-chamber system ensures that you can completely blow out the smoke in the vase. It also prevents a bad taste in your mouth. Closing and opening the water pipe is also easier and faster than other brands and older AMY Deluxe models. Thanks to the new click system, the waterpjjp is also less sensitive to wear.
Smoking with z & #8217; n celebrate
The water pipe then has four hose connections, so that four people can smoke at the same time. For this you need a water pipe hose adapter for four connections. The great thing is that you can smoke with a group of friends or family. The more, the merrier! The bottom of the vase is slightly hollow, so that there is room to lay an LED coaster. so the smoke column and the water remain clean. The shisha has a silicone hose and aluminum mouthpiece. When buying the water pipe you also get a large ‘hot screen’. Ideal for various types of hookah tobacco.
Other colors and models
The AMY Deluxe Emperium 055 also has the colors black red and black / transparent.
The AMY Deluxe Imperium 055 has the following components:
  • Black vase
  • Black stainless steel smoke column
  • Hot screen
  • Tobacco cup
  • Aluminum mouthpiece (40 cm) and silicone hose (150 cm)
  • Coal dish
  • Mouthpiece holder
  • Coal tongs
Note: This water pipe is made by hand. The glass design can therefore be slightly different from the shisha shown on the image.
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