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  • AMY Fusion Shine Mini SS33.03

    AMY Fusion Shine Mini SS33.03

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    • AMY Deluxe Diamond S 062

      AMY Deluxe Diamond S 062

    • Amy Falcon 652

      Amy Falcon 652

    • UNIO 006.01 Black

      UNIO 006.01 Black

    • Unio 001.01

      Unio 001.01

    • Amy Carbonica Lucid S SS31.02

      Amy Carbonica Lucid S SS31.02

    • Amy Mini Kura 088.02

      Amy Mini Kura 088.02

    • LUNA 003.01

      LUNA 003.01

    • ALU BRILLI S107.03

      ALU BRILLI S107.03

    • Amy Deluxe Play 111.03

      Amy Deluxe Play 111.03

    • Sale!
      AMY LITTLE ROCKET 067.02

      AMY LITTLE ROCKET 067.02

    • AMY LITTLE TURA 091.01

      AMY LITTLE TURA 091.01


    Order Amy Deluxe bongs in our shop!

    Are you looking for the ultimate smoking experience and do you want to buy a water pipe? Then you are at the right place at Amy Deluxe Shop! The German brand is part of Special Smoke, which has several exclusive brands in its range. Amy Deluxe is a truly top brand that improves their products year after year. So you buy the best shishas from us. We are the only official sellers of Amy Deluxe in the Netherlands!

    Buy hookah with elegant designs and modern technology

    It is of course possible to buy a shisha online in many web shops. You also have the option to order a shisha in a lounge. Why are the bongs from Amy Deluxe so special? Because the brand continues to innovate, we can always surprise you with the most innovative designs, technologies and accessories. We sell shishas in all shapes, sizes and colors. The bongs are made of high-quality materials, so that you can buy both normal and chic shishas from us.If you go for a water pipe from our shop, you know that the designs are combined with a unique multi-chamber system. This system ensures that the smoke travels through the rooms as optimally as possible. This prevents the smoke from accumulating, which prevents coughing and an itchy throat. This way you get the fullest flavor and deepest aroma from the shisha. You can taste the quality immediately! A unique click system ensures that you can combine different designs. You can attach different parts to each other with one click. If you buy a water pipe from Amy Deluxe online, you can be sure that you can make the water pipe your own.

    Wide range of shishas to order

    In our store and the webshop you have the possibility to choose from a wide range and thus buy the water pipe that suits you! For example, we have a wide range of stainless steel water pipes, Amy Deluxe oriental and glass shishas in our catalogue. We now even have one e-shisha in our catalogue! This way you can relax at any time of the day. Compared to the water pipe, the e-shisha is of course incredibly easy to carry!

    Buy your shisha online!

    Provide the ultimate relaxation moment and smoke the tastiest tobacco flavors of Amy Deluxe. All our bongs can be ordered online in our webshop. Are you looking for a water pipe and are you from the The United Kingdom area? Perfect! Come and visit our store on the Besterdring. We are happy to provide you with appropriate advice. Are you not able to come by? Take no strings attached Contact us and we will gladly help you further!

    • Always the lowest price
    • Free return
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